Picture Book "The Colours of Namibia"

Recently I successfully completed a project for Knecht Reisen AG to create an exclusive book for its VIP clients. The book entitled "The Colours of Namibia" ©Stefan Kühn Photography, impressively reflects the fascinating country of Namibia. There are already a few Namibia picture books on the market, but what is special about this project is that Knecht Reisen AG wanted to demonstrate its capability as a long-haul specialist. The idea was to demonstrate by means of these photos how Knecht Reisen AG could organise an individually tailored trip to Namibia. This picture book is captivating not simply because of its authenticity, illustrating what can be experienced in 17 days, but also because of its exquisite depiction of warmth through the colours of sun, sand and animals.

Passport Pictures? No Thanks!
If you seek passport style pictures or standard portraits, we suggest you try elsewhere. However, if you are searching for pictures bursting with personality and expression, creatively transformed and professionally put into perspective, then you have come to the right place. With courage, imagination and trust we recently created a whole new set of pictures for a company wanting to re-launch on the Internet.

Through The Elephant's Eyes
The picture book "Through the Elephant's Eyes", © Stefan Kühn Photography, captures emotive pictures of Mahouts and their elephants in Northern Thailand. Pictures taken during the assignment "Elephant Sanctuary" are being used in part to promote awareness of the very difficult living conditions some elephants in Thailand have to endure.